The Social SceneTM is a revolutionary patent-pending technology that enables real-time PERSONALIZED and DIRECT SELLING and MARKETING to ALL social connections across social media platforms.

The Social SceneTM brings customer acquisition to unprecedented levels and creates extensive new revenues streams. By integrating with major ticketing systems in real-time, The Social SceneTM provides pre-event, in-event, regional, cross-market, and season-long direct sales and marketing opportunities to social connections of event attendees.

Corporate sponsors and partners can extend their reach to social connections with:

  • Branded Social Contests
  • Branded Promotions
  • Direct Social Campaigns


Integration with Social Media

The Social SceneTM captures and associates connections from many social media to enable the creation of a global social graph.

Integration with Ticketing Systems

The Social SceneTM integrates with most major ticketing systems to link customer ticket purchases with their social connections.

Pre-Event, In-Event, and Post-Event Visibility

The Social SceneTM enables increased pre-event ticket sales and ticket upgrades, in-event social upgrades and sponsored promotions and contests, and post-event rewards and sponsored promotions.