Fan 1stTM is the first fan experience app to bring the fans INTO the game.

With integration with the all major ticketing systems ticketing platform,Score CRMTM, and Score CRM GameDayTM, Fan 1stTM will interact with the fans from ticket scan to the end of the game and beyond.

  • iPhone, Android, Windows Phone compatible
  • Fan tracking upon arrival
  • Real-Time integration with Score CRMTM and GameDayTM
  • Integration with all major ticketing systems
Fan 1st


Integrated Fan Experience

Unlike stand-alone apps, Fan 1st runs on the Score CRM platform and is seamlessly integrated with all major ticketing systems to maintain a history of customer seating, food and merchandise preferences.

Simply Social

Reach out to all your FB and Twitter followers to let them know about your day at the game.

Advanced Marketing Opportunies

Quickly and easily target fans by buying patterns, past prefrences in seating area, ticket type, day of week, opponent, games attended, and so much more.

Sponsor-friendly promotions, messaging, and contests

Fan 1st ties to the Score CRM platform enables pre-game, post-game and in-game sponsored targeted pulse marketing opportunities. In-game and season-long Fan 1st contests ensure longer stays and frequent returns.

In-Seat Ordering

Significantly increase concession sales by enabling on-demand in-seat ordering of a full menu of available options. Extend this "premium" feature beyond just the luxury seats.