Score CRM GameDayTM is a real-time, responsive web application that takes game day operations to a whole new level.

Score CRM GameDayTM seamlessly integrates with all major ticketing systems and the Score CRM PlatformTM to provide real-time visibility into game day attendance, action, and activities.

  • iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, Windows phone and tablet compatible
  • Manage Sponsorships fulfillment
  • Manage Groups and Hospitality Areas
  • Active and Actionable Heat Mapping


Integrated Game Day Management

GameDay is part of the Score CRM Platform and integrates with all major ticketing systems to provide a real-time game day dashboard.

Manage Groups and Hospitality

Provides a real-time view, including access to staffing, contracts and menu information.

Manage Sponsorships Fulfillment

Sponsorship fulfillment is an essential activity for all sports organizations. GameDay provides line item detail of all sponsorship assets, with the ability to capture images directly to Score CRM contracts.

Track Sales and Attendance

Through GameDay's seamless integration with all major ticketing systems, you will be able to track fans by section, ticket type and more, and know exactly when they arrive at the ball park.

Interactive Heat Maps

GameDay's interactive heat maps let you know where the action is, anywhere in the ball park, and in conjuction with Fan 1stTM, let's you reach out and interact with fans during the game.

VIP Tracking

You know your most important fans. GameDay will let you know when they arrive at the ball park and tell you exactly where they are sitting.

In-Game Promotions

Push real-time promotions out to any section or the entire venue.

Real-time In-Game Communication

Provides real-time SMS, E-mail communication with individuals, sections or the entire venue.